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“You Are A Genius”
“Well Pleased, Many Thanks!”
“Thank You For Teaching And Sharing Your Knowledge...”
“The Best Information I Have
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“Very Refreshing Approach”
“Wish I Had This Course 3 Years Earlier!”


These ACTUAL COMMENTS sum up feedback and reaction from traders who have gone through the “Easy Pips Course” learning how to generate SUPER PROFITS!with low risk:-

Dear Traders,

You'll be DELIGHTED with what I'm about to share with you!

Let me get straight into it and make this crystal clear for you:-

  • YES! the Easy Pips system works on Forex and was designed particularly for Currency Trading.

  • YES! You can trade with any regulated broker of your choice anywhere in the world.

The reason I created this website is to prove to you that there are GOOD TRADERS who genuinely want to help. 

In my search both online and offline I used everything I could get my hands on to find the answer.

It was only until I was down to my last penny, THE ANSWER came to light when I noticed something extraordinary on my charts. I put a trading strategy together using sound Price Action and started trading  — IT WORKED!

Once I was convinced and comfortable that it was generating consistent profits for me in all market conditions.

I proved to myself over and over again before deciding to share my findings with fellow traders online.

If nothing has worked for you during the last 3, 5 or even 10 years that you've been trying to do this, let me tell you that this MAKES MONEY!


You could be anywhere right now:-

United StatesUnited Kingdom, Canada, AustraliaGermanyItaly, France, Spain, South Africa, MalaysiaSingaporeThailand, Nigeria, India or U.A.E. ... REALLY ANYWHERE!

And with no more than a ComputerTablet or a Smart Phone you could start bringing in profits week after week trading with low risk, and without any stress.



Let me make this an eye opening experience for you:-

When I first started trading many years ago..

  • I had a small bank account

  • I could not figure out market direction

  • I relied heavily on trading indicators

  • My family didn't support me

  • I lacked trading experience

  • I had no clue how to fix the problem..

BUT, I knew deep down that I would find the answer one day, I really believed in myself..

So, if you are one of those people who have desires to improve your life, your trading results and I am guessing that you are passionate about trading just like me, then this is for you.


Most people do nothing and watch life pass by, they blame the circumstances, their education, their spouse, the government, the market...





A good trading strategy takes the stress out of your trading:-


Picture a PERFECT STRATEGY that has been tried and tested in all market conditions and passed the test of time.

A strategy based on sound Price Action Principles and a

practical approach that you could use profitably within the shortest time possible.

Did you know?

You can do well trading without a Finance Degree.

You can make a lot more money by spending much less time.

You need not get confused predicting market direction.

You can make money by taking small amounts of risk.

Trading without overthinking if it's a Buy or a Sell.

You can start trading with a hundred and use the power of compounding to grow your capital.​

And you can trade for TAX-FREE profits 100% LEGALLY

Does this only work for me?

This trading course is going to surprise you in a pleasant way, just like when I starting using this trading strategy explained in the course and started making profits for the first time. 

In fact, I don't expect you to know how good this really is.

It can literally change your results over night!

I was just a struggling trader a couple years back who blew up close to $50,000 of my family's savings. I tried all the different trading systems and technical indicators I could find. Nothing worked until I sat down with myself and started doing my homework going all the way back to 1998.

I've been using this unique style of trading with the most amazing results. I've put together my trading strategy to the finest detail in this 5 PART COURSE that you can access immediately in the MEMBERS AREA today.



Buy and sell readings on the chart is where you'll enter and exit the market.


The grey highlighted area is where the amateurs try to enter and exit, this is also where the bulk of trading or market noise occurs.

The red and blue arrows show where you will enter and exit the market.

Trading is easy with Easy Pips Strategy.

Let me show you exactly how I trade.

Easy Pips Forex Strategy is based on sound Price Action principles.


Here's a GBP/USD weekly chart trading Easy Pips Strategy with 100% accuracy:-


Buy and sell arrows on the chart above is how you would have traded GBP/USD during the last 3 years.

In other words, you spend much less time and make a LOT MORE MONEY by letting time do the work. 


Here's a 4 HOUR CHART with entry and exit signals marked .


Here's the latest 1 hour chart for GBP/USD with a possible NEW BUY ENTRY forming.

As you can see Easy Pips Strategy REALLY WORKS because it's the easiest way of making money that

I have found trading with very little risk.


And the best part is that:-

You can use EASY PIPS STRATEGY to trade any currency pair with any Forex broker of your choice!


Let me show you how to make money:-

Buy and sell arrows on the EUR/USD chart is where you will have entered and exited the market using the knowledge, tools and strategy you will learn in the trading course.


Trading is easy with EASY PIPS STRATEGY

I'm going to show you exactly how to take trades just like this and more:-


Above is a 30 minute chart for EUR/USD with three recent trades from February this year, 2020.

After going through the trading course you will find most of your trades go into profit RIGHT OFF THE BAT!

Take a look at USD/JPY chart below, this is literally the easiest way of GENERATING PROFITS that I have

discovered that works like CLOCKWORK. Once you enter a trade, you simply let it run to your profit target.


EASY PIPS STRATEGY:- it Works and it's Profitable.


Below is a USD/JPY chart on a 4 Hour time frame with the most recent trade signals using the trading techniques found in this course that you can get immediate access to:-


Easy Pips Strategy is a delight for many.

Let me help you get started with this right away!

Take a look at what Members wrote:-

I am very impressed with the info and the way it is written. It is written very clearly.

I am excited to put this knowledge into practise. I will print them out today to put in my folder for further study.

Once I learn this and I am making good pips, I will tell my friends to join your program too.



Graham R. (Brisbane, Australia)

Dear Mentor Trader Ali...

... Great science without the use of Fancy and Expensive Indicators ... Visually shows how to move Price Charts from Time High W; D1 to H4-H1 to get profitable Entry 1: 3 and more ...

Talking about the most important forms of Price Action and as confirmation ... What a Stunning Strategy !!! .... (Please send me Part 5....)

best Regard...

Alui S. (West Java, Indonesia)

​Good morning Ali,

After completing Lesson 4, I am now scanning charts in a different way. It was a lot of information and I had to re-read the module and get a feel for it.

Brilliant, thank you.

Kind regards.

Joe K. (Reading, United Kingdom)

I'm reading your course 2-3 times. As you said, I have had good results, but I want to control my feelings. So I want to make your KISS strategy a habit.

I'm reading Chapter 4 over and over again, and I want to put it into a chart and make it a habit. I will continue to watch and learn, and I will make it my habit.

Sunhong Y. (Daejeon, South Korea)

The course is very good and organized and thought provoking. Prior to your course I was relying heavily on indicators and have not been consistent in my results.

I have been working very hard on this and I am trading a live account. 

Adam D. (Illinois, United States)

Lesson 4 was the meat and potatoes but I’ve learned a lot I’ve been reading the lessons over and over again and started implementing what I’ve read especially learning patience that’s my problem.


I even removed my indicator that I’ve been using from my charts and started drawing my trend line etc I really hope these lessons help me become a very profitable trader thanks for breaking it down so easy. 

Dolores S. (Texas, United States)

Hi Trader Ali,

Just read and studied Part 4 twice. Thanks for sharing your strategy. I knew these concepts and used them, but not how you taught us in your Part 4 course.

It’s time for me to stop jumping between strategies. I will trust this strategy and work hard to not let my emotions invade my trading decisions.


Heriberto M. (New York, United States)

Dear Sir


You are a genius. The course is amazing. I have done part Four readings.

Best Regard

Nizar A. (Dubai)

Your trading course reminds me of tuition pocket book I loved to read more than the text books assigned to me when I was young in the college.


It recaps and reorders the keys to the trade that I have overlooked while absorbing bits and pieces from general source of knowledge, something that may not meaningful on its own but when they are in the hands of pros like you combining and put the right timing for each tools under your strategy, it becomes much more powerful.

I wish I had this course 3 years earlier not to lose track under the proper way of trading.

Thank you for bringing me back on the right path.

With best regards,
Suphasin K. (Thailand)

Dear Mr.Ali


Thank you for teaching and sharing your knowledge.

I have learnt a lot.


Aung K. (Singapore)

Hi Ali

Lesson 4 was hot stuff and gave me new watch and inspiration for trading.

Markus​ F. (Switzerland)

Looking forward how to complete this setup to maximize the profit margin.


You have put a lot of work in building this up to

the final phase. 


Charles S. (Kansas, United States)


Hi Ali,

I am done with part 3. I am trading since more than 10 years, but with indicators mostly. The very most time indicators are too late.


But I am a little bit weak in discipline and poorly in documenting my trades. There I have to work on...

With your course I hope to find more to be sure to trade without indicators (and to stop looking for the holy grail of an indicator).


Thanks and regards

Dirk S. (Dresden, Germany)

I am ready to move forward and start learning the actual strategy. The first 3 parts set an excellent foundation. 


The reminders about the psychological aspects of trading are excellent as well.  


Thank you,

Greg A.  (Kansas, United States)

I purchased your system this morning. I am an experienced trader, successful for the past 15 years and have been looking for a course that one of my daughters could use to learn. 

A very interesting and easy to understand course you have developed. I only trade the Dax on a Renko chart and tend to forget other things can be traded! 


Robert T. (Ashtead, United Kingdom)

Hi Trader Ali,


Wow - Part - 5

The top down system looks appealing to me, of course I know that you use it consistently; but it seems good for me too,


Thanks again for Part-5.


All the Best

Herbert E. (Israel)

Hi Trader Ali!


I have gone through lesson 4 a couple of times already. I particularly like the top down approach when analyzing the markets.


Also your strategy of initiating trades for consolidation patterns (instead of waiting for breakouts as was normally the practice) has pique my interest.


Kindly send me the link to lesson 5 as I am eagerly waiting to see how all these information are combined to form price action strategy.



Bilin D. (Malaysia)

Hi Trader Ali,

Hope this mail finds you in good health. 


Having completed Part 5 of the Easypips Trading Strategy, I write to thank you very much for the time and efforts you have put in developing this awesome forex trading strategy.

Warmly yours
Etim U. (Plateau State, Nigeria)


Hi, Ali trader.

I just finished the second part of your class.I found it quite digestible, concise and precise. It's concise in the sense that it goes to the essentials. I appreciate that. I'd like to take it to the next level.

Eric F. (Ivory Coast)

Great lesson, great refresher. Great information on

Mindset, strong foundation, risk management, volatility, dealing with losses = Yes!  Well presented.


Extremely informative, well presented. I understand all of this as I am a former NYMEX trader of 15 years and now looking at Forex. 


Thanks and really looking forward to successfully

trading Forex.



Joseph A. (Georgio, United States)


Hi Trader Ali,

Just thought I'd let you know my first attempt at EasyPips got me 60 pips T/P trading GBPUSD on

the H4 timeframe.

I got in a bit late because I was setting up S&P500 and XAUUSD charts. Opened at 1.2515 and closed

at 1.2575 (see screenshot)

Well pleased. Many thanks.

Kind regards

Robert H. (Surrey, United Kingdom)

Hi Ali,


I'm stunned about the amount I've learned from Part 1-3. Already applying that to my charts, and haven't reached the strategy yet!

Can't wait for Part 4 and 5!

Thanx Ali! Have a great day ahead my friend!



Werner A. (South Africa)


Hi Trader Ali,


I have completed the final Lesson & the Course.

This is a comprehensive & must have course.

Thank you for making such a great Price Action Course.


This course will lead me towards success for sure & I'll post my success story in the very near future.


Thank you.

Yogesh A. (New Mumbai, India)

You have made things so much clearer. What I thought I knew is that I only knew in part.


Thanks for a great course in Price Action.

Lloyd B. (Ontario, Canada)


Just finished part 4 and must say that is very good and different approach than used to hear from the internet trading with indicators.


Best regards

Jaan H. (Estonia)

The course has been really useful with loads of powerful tips and advice.

As outlined in your course, discipline, mindset and risk reward along with the right strategy are the most important to achieving consistency.


I am serious about making a living from forex and I believe putting all this into practice can get me to my goal of becoming a full-time forex trader.

Jonathan P. (West Yorkshire, United Kingdom)

Hello Ali,


When I got your email about this, I decided to

purchase it.


My wife and I are truely looking forward to the

entire course, which we find very good so far

(1 - 3), so we can finally start to do 'live' trades

in a responsible, low risk manner, so we can

make some money, after proper education:-)


Kind regards,
Eric N. (Amersfoort, Netherlands)




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