“You Are A Genius”

“Well Pleased, Many Thanks!”

“Thank You For Teaching And Sharing Your Knowledge...”

“The Best Information I Have Ever Seen...”

“Very Refreshing Approach”

“Wish I Had This Course 3 Years Earlier!”

These ACTUAL COMMENTS sum up the feedback from traders who have gone through my trading course learning about my Easy Pips Trading Strategy, on how to generate SUPER PROFITS with very low risk.



Having gone through the learning curve 

and breaking the bank over 19 times, I finally found a simple, effective and profitable way to trade.

If nothing has worked for you during the last 3, 5 or 10 long years that you've been trying to do this.. I created this course just for you!


Hello Traders!

My friends call me Trader Ali (more on me later).

I'm going to get straight into this so let me begin by getting a few things clear first:

  • YES! this Easy Pips method WORKS!

  • NO this isn't some crazy theory...

  • NO this has NOTHING to do with Expert Advisors and Indicators...

  • NO it's NOT something where in order to make money you have to spend weeks learning it...

  • NO this has NOTHING to do with Binary Options trading...

  • NO this has NOTHING to do with MetaTrader... in fact you can trade with any broker you like.

  • And NO this is definitely not just another trading system..

  • YES! it works extremely well with Forex, Stocks, Indices & even Crypto-currency!

The reason I created this website is to prove to you that there are HONEST TRADERS who genuinely want to help.

In my search both online and offline I used everything I could get my hands on to find the answer.

It was only until I was down to my last penny, it came to light when I noticed something extraordinary on my charts. I put a trading strategy together using sound Price Action principles and started trading, IT WORKED!

Once I was convinced and comfortable that it was generating profits for me in all market conditions:-

I proved to myself again and again before deciding to share my findings with fellow traders online.

If nothing has worked for you during the last 3, 5 or even 10 years that you've been trying to do this, let me tell you that THIS MAKES MONEY.


You could be anywhere in the world right now...

Doesn't matter where - United States, Canada, United KingdomAustralia, GermanyItalyFrance, Spain, South Africa, India, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates ... REALLY ANYWHERE!

And with no more than a Tablet, Personal Computer or a Laptop you could start bringing in profits week after week trading with very low risk, and without any stress.

Here's what Members wrote:-

You provide a quality product with great graphics and details. 

Looking forward to the next lesson, Part 3.   I am ready to put all

this knowledge on Forex Trading in my learning to be more

successful in my ability to earn a steady quality income stream. 


I know it will take time but I am willing to put in the time to make

it happen.  Thanks in advance. 


Charles S. (United States)

Hi Ali

Great part 3 - took me some time to get through it and

digest as it’s pretty info dense (which is good). 

Ready for Part 4.

Kind Regards
Mark B. (United States)

Hi Trader Ali,

I have completed the final Lesson & the Course. This is a comprehensive & must have course. Thank you for making such a great Price Action Course. This course will lead me towards success for sure & I'll post my success story in the very near future.

Thank you.

Yogesh A. (India)



Hi Trader Ali,

Thank you very much for Lesson  4. 


Just to inform you that I have completed Lesson 4. I have bought hundreds of forex systems and strategies for the past eight years, but I must confess that this is the best information I have ever seen and read about forex, no hype, just facts

backed up with proofs and practical approach to help anyone learn to trade profitably within the shortest time possible.


Kind regards

Etim U. (Nigeria)

Hi Trader Ali!


I have read parts 1 - 3 at least 3 times each and have made my own notes on each module on key points.


I am getting quite excited to see how the course progress and am ready for Part 4 of the course.



Bilin D. (Malaysia)



Jesse T. (United States)


Hi Ali,


I started trading with the simple methods in lesson 4 on a

demo account. Please ignore the indicator arrows. The short entry on GBPNZD seen in the screenshot was in +100 pips when I closed it today.


In fact I went opposite to the indicator signal on this one, as

per price action.



Ramakant D. (Australia)




Just finished part 4 and must say that is very good and different

approach than used to hear from the internet trading with indicators.


Best regards

Jaan H. (Estonia)



VERY good info, MUCH needed and easy to understand.

Greg A. (United States)


Please note that I just closed my NZD/JPY trade at 50 pips profit. And I will leave my CAD/JPY trade to run.

Last I checked it was about 40 pips in profit.

Noel L. (United States)


Hi Trader Ali, Gd day,


Just completed reading the Part 3 and able to write some vital

notes on the importance of discipline in trading, stop loss,

choosing trading time frame and risk management. 


Will read one more time to get better understanding.


My feedback;

A must for any trader to follow the Part 3 contents religiously

to ensure profitability and avoidance of loses in trading. 



Nor W. (Malaysia)


I am ready to move forward and start learning the actual strategy. The first 3 parts set an excellent foundation. The reminders about the psychological aspects of trading are excellent as well.  


Thank you,

Greg A.  (United States)



Hello Trader Ali,


I have enjoyed your course .

It has reinforced what I use to do in the past but gave away

to the romance of indicators.


This I found most useful especially when using the higher

time frame support and resistance and then confirming on

lower time frame.


I am ready for the last portion of the course.


Thank You

Thomas M. (Australia)




I am done with course 3. Good material and very interesting.

Ready to move forward.


Best regards

Jaan H. (Estonia)

Hi Trader Ali
Wow part 4 was amazing trading the price zones.
I am ready for part 5


Peter N. (Australia)

PS. Please stay safe from this terrible virus

Hello Ali,

So far, the lessons have been very precise.
Greetings Helmut S. (Germany)

Hi Trader Ali!


I have gone through lesson 4 a couple of times already. I particularly like the top down approach when analyzing the markets. Also your strategy of initiating trades for consolidation patterns (instead of waiting for breakouts as was normally the practice) has pique my interest.



Bilin D. (Malaysia)

There are many more...

The course has been really useful with loads of powerful tips and advice.

As outlined in your course, discipline, mindset and risk reward along with the right strategy are the most important to achieving consistency.


I am serious about making a living from forex and I believe putting all this into practice can get me to my goal of becoming a full-time forex trader.

Jonathan P. (United Kingdom)


Hi Ali


I’ve gone over the previous 3 again,

What I like is that you are straight to the point , it’s clearly and 

concisely written with no padding, you have given us an insight 

into what we should understand in order to apply the strategy

that you show us.


I like the fact you emphasised wisdom and the importance of

not just learning, but applying it to the strategy along with an

honest view on expectation as a trader, I eagerly await your

next section.



James R. (United Kingdom)


Very refreshing and keeps you focused.  

It brings back sweet memories.

Now it is getting heavy but still enjoyable..   

Very Good



Gerhard V. (South Africa)


The lessons cover the mental and prep portion in detail.

I'm ready for the next step.


Johnny M. (United States)

Good content in the 1st two parts. Please send part 3.

Kevin A. (United Kingdom)

Hi Ali,

Great stuff!!!



Eden Y. (Singapore)


1 2 and 3 are all parts containing to the psychology of trading.  Good info on trends. Effective stop loss. Money management. Risk. And self control and discipline send part 4 tks

Charlene P. (United States)


Hello Trader Ali ,


I have completed reading Lesson 1 & 2 . I like your teaching style. You teach in very simple words & language with no complications that a beginner can easily understand. I am very much excited to learn the next parts of the course.


Thank you.

Yogesh A. (India)


Looking forward how to complete this setup to maximize the

profit margin. You have put a lot of work in building this up to

the final phase. 



Charles S. (United States)



Hi Ali,

I am done with part 3.


I am trading since more than 10 years, but with indicators mostly. The very most time indicators are to late.


But I am a little bit weak in discipline and poorly in documenting

my trades. There I have to work on...


With your course I hope to find more to be sure to trade without

indicators (and to stop  looking for the holy gral of an indicator).


Thanks and regards

Dirk S. (Germany)


The course is very good and organized and thought provoking.

Prior to your course I was relying heavily on indicators and have

not been consistent in my results. I have been working very

hard on this and am trading a live account. 


Adam D. (United States)


Hi Trader Ali,

Just thought I'd let you know my first attempt at EasyPips got

me 60 pips T/P trading GBPUSD on the H4 timeframe.

I got in a bit late because I was setting up S&P500 and

XAUUSD charts. Opened at 1.2515 and closed at 1.2575

(see screenshot)

Well pleased. Many thanks.

Kind regards
Robert H. (United Kingdom)


Hi Trader Ali+

I have completed first 2 courses, can you please email link to

course 3. So far the teaching has been very concise and easy 

to understand.



Pete R. (New Zealand)




Just finished Part 3 and 4, excellent reading material.


I've found the course very interesting and learnt a lot, especially

drilling down from say the Weekly, Daily and then H4 to H1.


Looking forward to completing the course and putting it to

good use. 


Kind regards

Robert H. (United Kingdom)


Hi Ali, 


The course is very interesting and I'm very excited. I appreciate

all the insights and extra knowledge you are giving me. 


Thank you,

Sally H. (United States)



Thank you for the first two chapters which are stimulating. As I

have 20 yrs experience, not full time of trading in various ways

with a fairly typical undulating loss and profit I can appreciate

your wise and experienced course.


Thanks for the excellent and appropriate course. 


Roger W. (United Kingdom)


Hi Ali,


I've read part 3. I need to have written set of rule and trade by



Important for me to read charts and learn about direction,

point when to enter, set targets, manage trade and be ready

to exit (with profit).


Hope! With your education and help I can start winning 80

percent of the time.


Many thanks, 

Naz M. (United Kingdom)

So on that note, let me now tell you a little more about me:-

My friends call me Trader Ali

My name is Ali and I have been fortunate enough to achieve success during the past 3 years.

For example, I have an Italian sports car called the Maserati GranTurismo along with British engineered world renowned Aston Martin, it's a dream to drive.

I cleared off £250,000 of debt, mainly mortgage on my family home. I take VACATIONS when I like and travel the world while trading. 

In addition, I have also given money to great causes and charities both locally and nationally.

The point I'm trying to make, is that I am living a LIFESTYLE that would not have been possible if I had not taken a LEAP OF FAITH.


What if I told you, something extraordinary...

Having money makes you comfortable, having wealth changes the way you think. For example, my kids now attend a PRIVATE SCHOOL, they are picked from my door step and dropped back home safely every day.

With money you can help your relatives, old friends and loved ones without thinking twice! Recently, I offered help to my wife's uncle for a medical surgery that he couldn't afford. When I met him after the treatment his life had changed, I know that he'll be forever grateful. It's a great feeling to help people, the reason I created this site.

You can give charity and make yourself available to your relatives, friends, your local community. You gain a lot more respect from everyone around you by taking part in an important role in the society.

That feeling of being valued gave me HIGH SELF-ESTEEM

I'm more happier now than I ever was with an overall sense of self-worth, it's PRICELESS.

Can THIS really change life for the better?

You see most people I came across in the Forex industry are selfish, they keep success to themselves. It's either that or they have not really figured it out.

GOOD NEWS is that, if you're reading this then you're in luck, I want you to look at this with an open mind:-

Here's me with my family!


If you are like me and you love cars, success in trading can get you your dream cars in a short space of time:-


You can use 'extra money' towards your mortgage on your existing home or to buy a new property for your growing family.


Year 2021 brings new opportunities for those who are ready to take a leap of faith..


Private schools are not cheap either, if you are like me perhaps you would like to get your children the Finest Education:-


Having a debt free life and paying off your Mortgage:-

It's a great feeling to have!


You can have with a nice Relaxing Holiday somewhere warm and sunny by Rebooting Your Finances!


Let me tell you, your wife and kids will love you for it!

Maybe a nice Holiday Apartment in Spain with a Beach View..

Life is meant to be lived..


Having the time and means to fulfill your children's ambitions such as experiencing sky diving, going scuba diving or buying a piano:-


Or indeed any number of things..

Point is:-


Everything costs money and I know for a fact that you cannot have this lifestyle by working for someone else.


As a young kid I saw my dad struggle financially all his LIFE because he could not afford the basic necessities 

without overworking himself. It was DREADFUL seeing my family breaking apart until my parents separated.


Growing up, I PROMISED myself that I would NEVER put family, my wife and my kids through such a life.

When I found myself in a SIMILAR SITUATION and felt the huge burden of responsibility, I knew I was stuck.

It was eating me up inside that my life was going in the same direction as dad.


I took a LEAP OF FAITH and struggled for sometime but it was well worth it.

“I jumped off a cliff and assembled a trading strategy on the way down, it worked!” ― Trader Ali

It's a GREAT FEELING to be financially free.



In fact, a £10,000 MONTH income would make a considerable improvement to 99% of people's lives. An amount which would set you up nicely.

And if you find it difficult to imagine making £10,000 a month extra because you can't picture what that would be like, just think what you would do if you won the National Lottery's latest 'game' which would pay you £10K A MONTH FOR THE NEXT 30 YEARS.


If you're READY to take a LEAP OF FAITH,

Let me show you how to do this:-

And let me begin by first congratulating you that like me, you are a  WINNER .

Do you know why? Because you have desires and you are passionate about your life just like me.


Most people do nothing and watch life pass by, they blame the circumstances, their parents, their education, their spouse, the list goes on...




When I first started trading:-

I did not have a job anymore.

I did not have enough money.

I did not have my family's support.

I did not have enough knowledge.

I did not even know where to begin.

BUT, I decided to START anyway..

So I Decided To Trade From Home

And After 9 Long Years.. Finally, it Worked!

The result being of course that I've made clear profits of 6 Figures allowing me to pay off £250,000 mortgage debt, buy my dream cars without finance, buy a holiday apartment and afford private education for my kids.

Now all that was possible because of my trading strategy, it has worked for me and it can do the same for you.

A well engineered profit generating strategy that took me 9 long years to discover is worth keeping for myself.

So, what I'd like to know is this:-

If I were to give you the exact same strategy that I use, how much would you be willing to pay for it?

Let Me Show You How It Works!

And as you go through this, remember that this is the EXACT STRATEGY that I've been using. This you'll witness yourself in the next few minutes when you check the MEMBERS-ONLY material that I've put together for you.

There is no central organization in Foreign Exchange that owns it. Financial market consists of millions of traders around the world all trading against each other none having any control where the market goes or what it does.

The difference between losing and winning in Forex is the mathematical edge, a success formula that tips the odds in your favor. So, it doesn't matter which pair you trade, it becomes mathematically impossible to lose.

Gamblers cannot win in the Forex market but a good trading strategy does.

The 5% Percent of traders that win make much of their money from the 95% of traders that lose.

For every winner, there is by definition a loser.


At any time in every market some people think a price will rise while others think price will fall.


It's a giant global game for anyone to take part in. Your job is to get into that top 5% of Winning Traders


Trading is said to be the most difficult profession in the world because it forces you to make difficult decisions like buying when everyone else is selling, and selling when everyone else is buying.


Controlling emotions for many is a hard thing, but once you learn how to trade systematically everything changes!

After going through what I have put together for you, you will be FULLY EQUIPPED to SUCCEED.

You'll know the rules and strategies to win. This is a very unique opportunity for you to learn how to trade correctly.

You will learn how to make money when markets are rising, falling or moving sideways. You'll have the full scope of opportunities to trade no matter what markets are doing, the greater the volatility the greater the opportunity.


Most so called experts cannot make money unless it's an uptrend. Everyone can make money in a rising market. It's the sideways, falling and unpredictable price behavior that separates the good traders from the rest.


I'll also reveal the main reason why only a few win and why the masses lose. It's based on an unlikely answer which is why the other 95% haven't worked it out.


You're going to love this!

What would you do right now if you won this game today, this week?

What's the very first thing you'd use the money for?

How would MAKING £10,000 EVERY MONTH for the rest of your life change how you feel, the decisions you make, the direction of your life?

Feels good right?

Well it's pretty much how I felt with what I've been using and how you are about to feel when you learn about the extraordinary trading course I will making available to you today.



Now the first thing I want to say is that your Capital Gains tax will depend on the country you live in...


For example, in the UK if you are Spread Betting Forex you pay ZERO taxes.

If you are in UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines or Thailand you also don't have to pay any taxes on Capital Gains.

Monaco, Andorra and Panama are also Tax Free.

The GOOD NEWS is that once you start making multiple six figures you can think about relocating.


In any case..

Trading is a great way to make PROFITS from your laptop, mobile phone or tablet ... which in this day and age means that you can pay your bills and expenses to live anywhere.


The world is your oyster!

You are in position to take the opportunities that life has to offer. "I can do anything I want to, the world's my oyster"

A good trading strategy takes the stress away:-



Did you know?

You can do well trading the Forex without a Finance Degree.

You can make a lot more money by spending much less time.

You need not get confused predicting market direction.

You can make money by taking small amounts of risk.

Without overthinking if it's a Buy or a Sell.

You can start trading with a hundred and use the power of compounding to grow your capital.

And you can trade for TAX-FREE profits 100% LEGALLY

Does this only work for me?!

This trading course is going to surprise you in a pleasant way, just like when I starting using the method of trading explained the course and started making profits for the first time. 

In fact, I don't expect you to know how good the trading course really is.

It can literally change your results over night!

I was just a struggling trader a couple years back who blew up close to $50,000 of my family's savings. I tried all the different trading systems and trading indicators I could find. Nothing worked until I sat down with myself and started doing my homework going all the way back to 1998.

I've been using this unique style of trading with the most amazing results. I've put together my trading strategy to the finest detail in this 5 PART COURSE that you can access immediately in the  MEMBERS AREA  today.

EASY PIPS Trading Makes A


Buy and sell readings on the chart is where you'll enter and exit the market.


The grey highlighted area is where the amateurs try to enter and exit, this is also where the bulk of trading or market noise occurs.

The red and blue arrows show where you will enter and exit the market.

Trading is easy with Easy Pips Strategy.

Let me show you exactly how I trade.

Easy Pips Forex Strategy is based on sound Price Action principles.


Here's a GBP/USD weekly chart trading Easy Pips Strategy with 100% accuracy:-


Buy and sell arrows on the chart above is how you would have traded GBP/USD during the last 3 years.

In other words, you spend much less time and make a LOT MORE MONEY by letting time do the work. 


Here's a 4 HOUR CHART with entry and exit signals marked .


Here's the latest 1 hour chart for GBP/USD with a possible NEW BUY ENTRY forming.

As you can see Easy Pips Strategy REALLY WORKS because it's the easiest way of making money that

I have found trading with very little risk.


And the best part is that:-

You can use EASY PIPS STRATEGY to trade any currency pair with any Forex broker of your choice!


Let me show you how to make money:-

Buy and sell arrows on the EUR/USD chart is where you will have entered and exited the market using the knowledge, tools and strategy you will learn in the trading course.


Trading is easy with EASY PIPS STRATEGY

I'm going to show you exactly how to take trades just like this and more:-


Above is a 30 minute chart for EUR/USD with three recent trades from February this year, 2020.

After going through the trading course you will find most of your trades go into profit RIGHT OFF THE BAT!

Take a look at USD/JPY chart below, this is literally the easiest way of GENERATING PROFITS that I have

discovered that works like CLOCKWORK. Once you enter a trade, you simply let it run to your profit target.


EASY PIPS STRATEGY:- it Works and it's Profitable.

Below is a USD/JPY chart on a 4 Hour time frame with the most recent trade signals using the trading techniques found in this course that you can get immediate access to:-

Easy Pips Strategy is a delight for many.

Let me help you get started with this right away!

Are You Ready? GET STARTED!



I would like to have INSTANT ACCESS to the entire 



Trader Ali's EASY PIPS STRATEGY which I can use right now to start making money!




TODAY £297


Having gone through the learning curve 

and breaking the bank over 19 times, I finally found a simple, effective and profitable way to trade.

If nothing has worked for you during the past 3, 5 or 10 long years that you've been trying to do this.. I created this course just for you!


After going through the program, if you are not satisfied with the course after studying Part 1 & Part 2, I will issue you a full refund. Saying that, I know for a fact that this is the only course that will teach you how to make money trading Forex from anywhere in the world.

Which just leaves me to say, thank you for taking the time to read through my website and I look forward to showing you a super profitable way to trade.


Get ready to experience success!


PS:- One-time payment includes the entire course that you can review in the password protected Member's Area that you will be given immediate access to. Please email for assistance.

Risk Disclaimer:


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This website is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell futures, spot forex, cfd's, options or other financial products. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed in any material on this website. Past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.


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